Sales agent for vehicle data recorder

ID: 33060

We are seeking sales agents/distributors for our vehicle data recorders with experience in dealing with emergency services customers.

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We are a manufacturer of vehicle data recorders used by Fire, Police and Ambulance services in the UK.  Our products have been used for over 20 years and we have secured significant contracts with our UK customers. We now have an updated product which will be released in September 2021 and are looking to expand our sales into Europe.

We are seeking agents/distributors who have existing contacts with emergency services customers (Fire, Police and Ambulance) particularly if they are already dealing with the Fleet management or accident investigation parts of these services

Assortimenti e prodotti

Tecnologie:  Dispositivi elettronici, componenti elettrotecnici Ascensori, elevatori Tecnologie Tecnologia per l'intrattenimento (beni marroni), Veicoli: Veicoli a motore, attrezzature automobilistiche, Veicoli: Veicoli speciali, veicoli commerciali, veicoli per uso speciale

Gruppi di clienti e gruppi target

Comuni, autorità locali, servizi pubblici, Industria automobilistica, automotive, costruzione di veicoli commerciali

Territorio di vendita

Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Holland