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Intensive multitasking serum 4 in 1 -Hyalurgie high performance serums . Specialists in Hyaluronic acid

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Cosmetic company specialized in multifunctional and highly concentrated serums, looking for commercial agents on commission to introduce products in beauty centers, perfume shops and specialized parapharmacies throughout Spain and the European Union.
We have launched Serum Nº1 , a truly multitasking serum 4 -in-1, suitable  for all skin types, ages and genderless:
Intensive moisturizing serum, antiwrinkle,eye and lip contour,
Plumping, tightening and complexion enhancer.Illuminates, enhances glow and radiance What are customers saying? Love it because it helps a lot to reduce small spots and blemishes In general everybody is amazed by the quick absorption and smooth, non-tacky touch. Pores refining Etc..www.hyalurgie.com 


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