Sale of coffee and machinery and accessories

ID: 33859

Commercial agent for the sale of coffee and machinery and accessories for the hospitality channel and home appliances

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We are a distribution company of natural and sustainable products. We distribute throughout Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands along with Andorra.
Currently, we are diversifying after incorporating a specialty coffee brand, high-quality machinery and accessories with an attractive design, for the hospitality sector, bars, hotels, and the electrical appliance sector for small consumers.
Brand exclusivity for all of Spain and Andorra.We need commercials for different provinces.Brand development, generating sales and customers in your area
Evaluation and acquisition of new clients and development/loyalty
Brand image development and implementation
Acquire and transmit knowledge of the key needs of customers, being a communication link between them and our team
Analysis of the area, expanding the client portfolio

Assortimenti e prodotti

Casa:  Tecnologia per l'intrattenimento (beni marroni), Elettrodomestici, lampade, luci, articoli per l'installazione

Prodotti alimentari, vini, liquori:  Bevande analcoliche

Gruppi di clienti e gruppi target

Mercato al consumo, Commercio all'ingrosso

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