Inflatable Gaskets and Big-Bag - Machining of Plastics and Rubb

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Commercial Industrial, Inflatable Gaskets and Big-Bag - Machining of Plastics and Rubber

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 We are specialists in standard solutions for non-standard problems. 15 years in the world of plastics and rubbers for any type of industry.We design and manufacture solutions in Plastic and/or Catxú.

Short or long series. Economic molds for small series.We address the Manufacturing industry, we offer solutions to existing garments or new parts in both rubber and plastic, aimed at the maintenance of these industries.We want to promote above all:

- Custom inflatable joints -

- Big-Bag Joints -

in addition to:

- Pieces molded to measure according to plan or sample.

- Machining of Plastics according to plan or sample

- 3D printing in various formats, FDM, Resin, Sintered... as appropriate.



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Tecnologie:  Industria di approvvigionamento: Prodotti di fusione e colata, Industria di approvvigionamento: Parti forgiate, pezzi stampati, Industria di approvvigionamento: Stampaggio ad iniezione, Industria di approvvigionamento: Pezzi stampati in plastica, gomma

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