Salesagent Germany for TrueBike and TrueTrainer

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After our succes in Holland and Belgium, with the most innovative indoor cycling trainers in the world, we would like to expand to Germany.

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TrueKinetix is a young high tech company that started 6 years ago. After introducing the first TrueBike 3 years ago and the TrueTrainer 1 year ago, the company has grown from start-up to scale-up and is a mature player now. Our trainers are the only trainers in the world that can mimic the outdoor resistance for 100% through our unic True Force Technology.

Our goal is to have our TrueTrainer and TrueBike sold by German Online retailers in the next months:

These are the companies we identified:

  5. fahrrad,.de

Our challenge: 

  1. We lack the time,skillsand network to get through succesfully and get tractionto their buying departments
  2. We made supervisual contact with some, but we could not get them interested (they say: we have enough brands, we have enough inventory, your margin is too low)
  3. Question: could you help us to get traction with these online retailers in order to get them to start selling our products in their webshops
  4. Our support
    1. Extensive onboarding
    2. Demo Trainer and Bike available
    3. Senior staff available for (key) meetings (online and face-to-face) with clients in Germany

Assortimenti e prodotti

Moda, sport, accessori:  Articoli sportivi: Ciclismo, Articoli sportivi: Fitness

Gruppi di clienti e gruppi target

Mercato al consumo, Consumatore finale, Commercio al dettaglio (senza punti vendita o filiali), Industria automobilistica, automotive, costruzione di veicoli commerciali

Territorio di vendita

all regions in Germany